Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Another hat and a cheesy smile montage...

He won't let us put hats on him, but every now and then, he'll turn the corner and he'll have put on one of his many hats...and it's too cute :)And so begin the cheesy smiles...

Tutu and GG Visit!

Just a few weeks after we went to Portland, Tutu and GG came to visit. It took Hank all of 2.2 seconds to warm cute is this: Hank gave Tutu and GG a balloon and showed them how he drew on it for them:

Taking a walk in the neighborhood
Off to the park!
At Pike Place Market...with me taking up most the picture (lovely...)
Headed home...
Not ready for Tutu to head home...

They'll take it from my cold, dead hands...

This dang baguette was the source of a lot of grief last night...he wouldn't settle for a nicely cut off piece, or even a large chunk ripped off. No, it had to be the whole stinkin' thing. He walked around the whole house with it and when I finally decided that I didn't want to eat bread that had been all over the house, we had to sit through a nice long fit. Oh, quirky little guy :)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Visiting Tutu and Grandpa

Awhile back now (way back in March!) we went to see Tutu and Grandpa in Portland...Hank also got to have fun with their dog, Jack. He LOVED throwing the ball for him and getting to run around in the yard! Trying to convince Jack to roll the ball down the hill!

Grandpa and Hank in their matching Columbia polar fleece jackets:
Making Norwegian Pancakes with Tutu...we're going to teach this little guy how to cook, that's for sure!
The cooks!

Mickey Hat!

Certain things just make a car ride more fun (and more dangerous, when you're trying to take a picture of how dang cute he is while driving...for the record, I did the middle of the street maybe, but still!)

Teaching Fire Safety

In a polyester track suit, no less...