Monday, March 30, 2009

Grandpa and Tutu visit from Portland

This weekend, Bret's parents came to visit and Hank was quite the charmer. Each time he saw them, he'd stare and then break out into a BIG smile (and he'd scrunch his nose, of course). Very sweet! We also took Hank's six month pictures with both sets of grandparents...what a lucky kid. I can't wait to get those back!
Right after the picture below, Hank knocked over all three of the pint glasses at the table (one beer and three waters). There was liquid EVERYWHERE (B and I ended up with wet pants and shoes)! Thank goodness we didn't go to our favorite fancy French place and instead stuck with a brewpub. Needless to say, it wasn't the first time it had ever happened (judging by the multiple tables with little babies at them, I could understand) and the waitresses were very sweet .Bret got more work done on his tattoo (the pin-up's shirt and shoe are almost complete) while Hank got to spend some quality time with his P-town grandparents.

Scrunchy Nose

Lately, Hank has learned this new thing to do when he smiles...he scrunches his nose all up and usually also raises one side of his upper lip (a la Elvis). He cracks us up when he does it (and I think he might just be starting to understand that!).

Sunday, March 29, 2009

St. Patrick's Day!

On St. Patrick's Day, the big news was that I (Mollie), actually cooked! Bret was amazed :)
We had corned beef with cabbage, potatoes, carrots, and green beer, of course! Fun, Fun! And just like Hank's shirt says, he's just a "wee bit" Irish.

Friday, March 27, 2009

50 Year Old Garden Gnome

We find the best part of this picture the fact that Hank hardly looks like himself...instead, he seems to have channeled a 50 year old garden gnome (I mean, he even looks chubby for once!). I bet cousin Paula never thought we'd get this much use out of the gnome hat!

Universal Remote Control

So, we usually are fighting to get our remotes out of Hank's the other day at Babies R Us, I bought him his own remote. It makes sounds (in English, French, and it's called a "Universal Remote"...get it?), and he loved the music!

Il est très français, n'est-ce pas?

We found this hat and knew it had to be his...and the outfit...he's our little French clown!

(What can we say...we love him in hats!)

I Love Water Bottles

Ahhh...we buy so many toys and here's what he loves...

(I love how his feet are supporting the bottle in this one-hehe-little monkey feet!)

Friends and Family

We love when Hank gets to spend time with friends and family...

At Hank's Baptism (from Left to Right): Dad, Grandma H, Mom and Hank, Grandpa H, Great-Grandma Winnie, Grandpa E, Grandma E, and Aunt Linda
With his Tutu (Grandma Ewing) and GG (Great-Grandma Winnie) Hank and Grandma Hardy on Valentine's Day Auntie Megan and Uncle Asher

Godmother Heidi (not a "fairy godmother", but still really nice!)
Reading with Grandpa Hardy and Grandma Hardy
The moms and babies at group
Auntie Katie and Uncle Michael

New High Chair

Hank started to eat solid foods at the very beginning of his fifth month (part of the plan to get him poopin'!). We started by feeding him in his bouncer, then the bumbo, and finally, with his new ability to sit up, it was time to get a high chair. We researched and looked for the best one for our little guy...there was a really fancy one that looks like a barber's chair, but the reviews said they seemed to squish their sons private that was OUT! Then there was the old fashioned one that Grandma Hardy had from when she was little, but it had rusty parts that we still hadn't fixed up and lacked in the that was OUT! Then, we found the ZEN collection from Fisher Price. SOOOO GIMICKY! They try to say it brings calm to your baby, that they'll feel inner piece from the tranquil colors, and dark wood accents. It could only be found online and isn't even available in OR or's all just HOGWASH...but we bought it anyway-hahaha-SUCKERS!
And here it is! Don't you just feel at peace looking at it? hahaha Here's video from his first time sitting in it!

Meeting Big Boy...the most patient cat in the world

At the beginning of March, Hank met Biggie and it was love at first sight. Big Boy let him pull on his fur and do all the things that our cat won't allow him to do! It was also the first time Hank was photographed sitting all on his own...
Now that's a big kitty!
"I'll love you, and squeeze you, and hold you, FOREVER!"
We meet again!