Thursday, June 25, 2009

B is on NPR!!

B IS FAMOUS! Check him out on NPR today (All Things Considered) or you can listen to the "Planet Money" podcast for the extended interview that came out last week (Episode 55 - through, of course).

Who knows if it will play with news of Michael Jackson dying...weird, huh?

(I got a funny voicemail from my cousin Joe over this past weekend. He said he was listening to his I-Pod while mowing the lawn and just happened to hear Bret's interview on NPR. Pretty funny...but, what I'd like to know is, why is Joe listening to the Planet Money podcast? Planet Money? Really? I never knew-hehe)

(And Bret's co-workers are giving he and Jim (the other guy in the interview) a hard time..."Look, it's one of the SENIOR IMPORT SPECIALISTS featured on NPR...oooohhhh" hehe)

Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day Weekend

We started the weekend early and drove down to Klickitat, WA to celebrate Tutu's birthday (June 19th) and then, Father's Day on Sunday. It was great to get to spend time at the river and then to see everyone on Sunday. We got home around 7:00 PM and then headed over to Gma and Gpa Hardy's to continue celebrating.
We're so lucky to have such great men in our lives to look up to and who've raised us right...or, in Bret's case, he is raising his son right :) Cheers to them!

Matching hats!

A card for Dad!
"Helping" him open it!

A coffee mug...since Mr. Hank doesn't sleep, dad's coffee intake has had to increase tenfold!
Grandpa Ewing with his kids (and grandson, of course!)
Hank with his dad, Bret with his dad :)
Giving Grandpa Hardy his card!

Tutu's B-Day on June 19th

Happy Birthday, Tutu! It was wonderful to get to spend it with you!

Fish Lips

Teething has made this little guy do some crazy morning, while eating breakfast, he kept doing fish lips, over and over. Enough for me to actually get one recorded - I love how he laughs at himself!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

My Surprise Party!

(Photo by Cameron Browne)

People are crafty! I knew something was up for my 30th, but I had no idea the extent of it! NO IDEA! Even at the end of my party I was still putting things together (I said to B's grandma and mom at the end, "Wait, did you guys plan to come up for THIS?!"). I'm a little slow!

The theme was "Marie Antoinette" as done by Sofia Coppola. She had an over-the-top life and I had an over-the-top party. There's a scene in the movie where Marie Antoinette is celebrating her birthday and there are beautiful baked goods Devil (Megan to those who are confused) baked TONS of treats and I felt as royal as M.A. The decorations were beautiful too - if you need a party planned, she is your girl!

When we arrived at the park, I was kind of surprised, but thought we were maybe just having a picnic with family (instead of a small brunch at mom and they LED me to believe). BUT THEN...I saw my friend Karen waving to me, and then a tall guy with a camera...CAM! And standing next to him...MICHELIA! Then HEIDI pulled up next to us! And the parade of people just kept coming. Moms from the Mom's group came, my Aunt and Uncle, my cousin Leah. Brad from college, Missi, B's cousin...the list goes on! It was wonderful. I guess turning 30 isn't so bad when you've got so many people taking care of you and wishing you well :)

Friday, June 19, 2009

My Party through Cam's Camera

For those of you who aren't on Facebook, here are some of the photos taken by the incredibly talented Cameron Browne at my party...

Hank has two daddies...hehe
Hank and Madeline
Florida tourists...hehe

First Swim...and it went Swimmingly!

We've had a wonderful stretch of weather, and on one particularly warm (but overcast!) day, we decided it was time for Hank's first swim in Grandma and Grandpa Hardy's pool. He was all decked out and ready to go and...he loved it! He loves the bath, so thankfully, his love translated to the BIG bath. Now it's time for swimming lessons!Here goes!Cover that belly, Hank! "Kick, Kick, Kick!"
He loved playing on the steps! With Dad... Sunbathing :)