Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Welcome, Little Brother Hudson!

On Tuesday, September 21st, we welcomed Hank's brother, Hudson (Hud) William Ewing to our family. He was born at 10:59 AM (no, not 11!) at 8 lb 2 oz at 18.5 inches long. Short and stocky with lots of hair...this one might not be as blonde as his brother, but we'll see! My proud moment - 11 minutes of pushing and he was here! Woohoo!

Here's our new family:

Friday, September 10, 2010

Me and the Little Guy

In just a few weeks (or maybe sooner - who knows?!), Hank is going to have a baby brother. It's odd to think of there being another one and I know the blog will change after that...we'll see if there's even time for one! Hard to imagine loving another kid as much as we do this guy - but there are lots of families with more than one kid, so I know it's possible (I mean, I was THIRD and I always felt loved!). Now...if only we had a name :)

He Sleeps Great in His New Bed!

Here is Hank napping in his new bed. Hehe...nothing like a lack of oxygen to help you sleep better :)
A few disclaimers: NO, we didn't put the pillow over his head (he did it himself...and oddly enough, I find Bret sleeping like this a lot!), and YES, he had a good flow of air out one side (I swear!).
**Okay - anyone remember the "Heaven's Gate" cult? I totally think of the pictures from that when I see this...kinda twisted-hehe. What can I say, it does!

Yes, More Food Pictures...

I'm starting to notice a little trend with my posts, food, and more food! You can tell what we enjoy doing...going out and eating yummy food! :) Hank will be a little expert on Seattle "good eats" by the time he's four! Grandma jokes that he'll be raising money mowing lawns so we can move out of the burbs and into Seattle! Here's a little sampling:
For ice cream...Husky Deli in West Seattle has the classic stuff...or maybe you want frozen custard from Old School Frozen Custard on Capitol Hill...but if you like the fancy flavors, there's always Molly Moon's...and if you want gritty with an arcade, there's Full Tilt in Columbia City! Ridiculous, huh?!
When it comes to pizza, it's pretty much the same - we have a favorites all over town. You prefer stupidly big slices, then it's Talerico's in West want gourmet and delicious, it's Flying Squirrel on Genesee...Neopolitan style (and good tiramisu!), Tutta Bella's in Columbia style with a thick crust and yummy salad bar, it's gotta be Bison Creek in Burien, and for just New York style, our favorite has always been Piecora's on Capitol Hill (we had our rehearsal dinner there!).
This past weekend, we hit up Piecora's and they had the Mariner's game and baseball. The little guy was in a good place - and we were too!