Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Let them eat cake!

Yesterday, 4/28/09, was Hank's 7 month birthday...time has FLOWN by! After a bath (the only time his hair lays flat) and a ride on his pony, I decided it was cake time. Trust me, I don't bake cakes for his monthly birthdays, but this time, I was bored, there was cake mix, and even better, an excuse to eat cake. So we celebrated :) We have a pony picture for his 1st, 4th, 5th, 6th, and now 7th birthday...too bad about months 2 and just didn't happen. This time he was sporting his newest monster p.j.'s from H&M.

Cake time!

I figured we'd let him try a little piece of his cake...since it was for him. He was ready for it...
But he DID NOT like it...hehe
He's skinny and he doesn't like cake...whose kid is this?!
(His latest tricks: He pulls up to standing...then reaches for people, toys, or just lets go. He hasn't quite realized he can't stand/walk yet! He's also learned how to shake his head "No" and talks up a storm...mostly "Dada". Which prompts me to say, "Hank do you me to change your diaper?" He then shakes his head, "No!" So I say, "Who do you want to change your diaper?" and he says, "Dada" YES! It's perfect!)


Here is Hank's hair at its craziest...I took him to school and said, "Geez, his hair is really spikey's because he fell asleep after a bath." They looked at me funny and said, "Umm, Mollie, his hair is always like that!" hehe

Out on the Town!

I met Karen and Kimberly at the mom's group I go to once a week at Valley Medical Center. They've been so fun to get to know and we have a great time hanging out...with and without babies!
Sunday was Karen's birthday and we took the opportunity to go out...just the girls! No babies, no hubbies...just us! It's a rare opportunity, but we had a great time chowing down on chips and guacamole at Cactus...thanks to Karen for giving us the reason to celebrate!
(and thanks to Grandma, Grandpa, and Bret for watching Hank and Madeline...and Kimberly's husband for watching Ashlyn...and Asher for letting Dev sneak away!).

We realized we couldn't sit there forever...back to real life-hehe

Mav and Macoy Visit!

Right after Easter, we were so lucky to have the Reibers visit! They live in Eastern WA and we just don't see them enough...especially since all the cousins are growing like weeds! We had a great time getting to see them and Hank got to spend special time with his cousins (and his Aunt Marie and Uncle Eric!). We love you guys and can't wait to see you again soon...maybe it will be swimming with you guys (and even cousin Kiefer)! Spending time with Aunt Marie and Uncle Eric...finally!
A sweet hug from Maverick...the big 3 year old!
Storytime with Macoy...sometimes we think Hank looks like his big cousin Mac!

(If you guys are reading this at the library..."HI!!!!")

Monday, April 27, 2009

It was all just to make a good meal...

As you all have probably heard, Hank is not the best sleeper (that's putting it mildly!). After a few particularly rough nights, Bret was attempting to make me a happier camper by whipping up a delicious feast. I came home grumpy to find him hunkered over the stove cooking gnocchi, halibut in a homemade red sauce (with freshly diced kalamata olives, fresh parsley, and other delicious bits), and garlic broccoli rabe. No run-of-the-mill Monday way! Did I mention there were tulips...and chocolate chip cookies! Man, is he good or what...

That's when things went all wrong! As he went to finish off the broccoli with fresh squeezed lemon, the knife whizzed through the lemon...and went straight down into his middle finger! OUCH! When I could see air in between parts of his finger, I knew we were in for it. He turned off everything, I packed up the baby, and off we went to Urgent Care. Here is the result...
It's healing up nicely...and the meal was still good (but not quite the same) at 9:00 PM that evening. No...we didn't try and put the lemon onto the broccoli-hehe.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Happy Birthday, Uncle Thomas!

Hope you had a wonderful day! We can't wait to see you in May...get ready for lots of picture taking! See you at Mickey's house :)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Kelsey Creek Park

We had a wonderful day at Kelsey Creek Park this past Sunday. Heidi and I had been meaning to get our families together for A LONG time, and it finally happened! The kiddos (and parents) got to hang out and see the animals, and we all had a really nice picnic lunch (too bad for the weird tasting "Whole Foods" mayo on our sandwiches-it may be fancy, but it wasn't good-hehe)! The coolest thing is that the big girl influence of Louisa (18 months) seemed to make Hank (6 months) want to talk! He's been a talking machine ever since..."Dadda dadda dad dadda" Way to go, Louisa!
I was emailing Heidi pictures and couldn't help but get choked up looking at the one below...she and I have done so much together (college, music ed, teaching, moving, weddings, trips) and to see us now with our babies is just so amazing!

Louisa was so sweet to Hank. She kept bringing him "flowers" and Hank loved every minute of it. He's so in awe of things that are small like him...especially when they let him touch them (the cat may be small like him, but she'll have NONE of that!).

Hank and his pops!
And the dads...

Hank and the Farm Animals

No, these animals were not at Kelsey Creek Park. Instead, they were in a Sears store in Bellevue...and no, they are not real. Who will buy the $800.00 horse and other ridiculously expensive animals...not us!! But they make for great photo ops when the sales people turn around.
(You'd look scared too if you were sandwiched between those hogs!)
(The horse is a little better...) (But the calves are the best!)


A few weeks back, we went back down to Portland. It had been way too long since we had seen everyone, and Hank was a real trooper. He did well in the car (phew!) and then did great entertaining while we were there. He got to see both great-grandmas (BOTH! Yes, he has TWO!), and a lot of family and close friends...and even a cat named Ralphie!

Notice how he's grabbing for Ralphie in EVERY picture-hehe
Yes, there was pie...strawberry rhubarb to be exact...THANK YOU, G.G. (WINNIE)!
Hank and his Tutu ( Hawaiian!):
Winnie found this great hat in Great-Grandpa Bill's made everyone laugh the whole trip! Not the best shot of Hank, but really, it was so goofy to see that hat on his Grandpa, totally worth it-hehe
Great-Grandma Mac was a wonderful hostess (as usual). It's that Southern Hospitality! We ended our visit with "Game Night" at Aunt Anne and Uncle Wink's house...they gave him the CUTEST outfit...stay tuned for pictures of the little guy in those (he has a bit more growing to do, but he'll be ready to rock those madras pants in no time!).
Hank was so good...we let him drive home-hehe

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Hank and His Dad

Bret is such a good dad. He's goofy and loving with little Hank and can get him howling with laughter by chomping on his belly or dancing with him. It's real sweet to see and makes my heart swoon everytime. Here are some pictures of our little guy with his dad.At the supermarket, Bret had Hank in the Baby Bjorn. An old man stopped him and said, "Shouldn't the mom be the one carrying the baby?" Oh, how times have changed. How much have I always loved a man with a baby in a Baby I have one of my own!

I just love this picture soooo much (below). It's just the sweetest thing - what handsome boys!