Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday, Hank!

Hank is ONE! Oh my, that year flew by! Here he is with his horse and then at his party (a cowboy theme for our little buckeroo). I'll post some party pictures later (because it was so much fun!), but for now...just the little guy!My homemade cut-up cake! I was so excited to find this design...I grew up with cut-up cakes at every birthday, and it's fun to carry on the tradition!

I love that his first reaction was to put his face in it...why not?!
He had no problem chowing down on it...the little man has come a long way since he first tried cake for his 7 month "birthday" and spit it out immediately!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Almost There!

We're so close to Hank's one year birthday and today I printed out all his pony pictures for his party tomorrow...there's just one more to go, and then it will be complete!

Here's how it started: We got home from the hospital and Tutu surprised us with this pony and a pair of cowboy boots. She asked that we take his picture with it as he grew...what a great idea it was, because it's so fun to look at how he's grown!
Hank at three days old!
So we missed out on his 1, 2, and 3 months pictures...total bummer! So we jump to...

Four months:
Five months:
Six months:
Seven months:
Eight months:
Nine months:
Ten months:
Eleven months:

...and one more to go!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Cousin Kiefer Visits!

A few weeks ago, Cousin Kiefer came to our neck of the woods and stopped by to say "Hi!" Here's the latest of the two boys together (who couldn't look more different if they tried-hehe):

Could an attempt for a group shot go any worse?! Four shots and not one has the six of us looking normal - is that a sign?"Who do we look at?!"

Uh-oh, melt downs! Ahh, forget it!


You would have never guessed that bubbles were THIS exciting!


We were at a dinner for Kimberly's birthday and Hank was sporting his Adidas jacket. Then, he noticed sweet Madeline was cold and offered her his jacket. What a gentleman :)
It was adorable to see her in it - her boyfriend's jacket - ahhhh. First it was car rides at the park and now giving her his jacket...Hank better watch out, Madeline's daddy is back and she's not supposed to date until she's 30! (Welcome back, Madeline's daddy! Thanks for serving for our country!).

Halloween is the Best!

Another option for Halloween...what happens when you want him to have five different costumes and he isn't even old enough to trick or treat?!

And so it begins...

Last week, Hank and I were hanging out with Auntie Nessa at Grandma and Grandpa's house when all the sudden, Hank stepped away from the ottoman he was playing against and just stood there. She and I were silently going crazy...frozen because we didn't want him to stop and at the same time, wanting to grab a camera by any means possible. That's where it started and it's gotten better ever since. He's starting to take little steps now and hesitates a bit before lowering himself down to crawl. You can see his brain putting it all together - I love it!

Then, earlier this week, I got home from work and Grandma was eating a piece of toast and Hank put his hand out to ask for some. All the sudden, he let go of the coffee table and, in his best Frankenstein interpretation, started walking over to her! Four steps before he went to a crawl...WOOHOO! And I got to see it! One fear when I went back to work was thinking that I'd miss those big milestones, but nope, I was there...YES!!!

Here's a picture of the little guy during one of his standing attempts! Maybe someday soon we'll get a walking video to post :)

Super Hero!

I suffered a little when Hank started to outgrow his 9 month pj's (and he got to wear them a lot longer than most kids, so I shouldn't complain). But a little thing happens after 9 months...no more cute onesie pj's. When you hit Target and Babies R Us, all the sweet pj's with forest animals, dinos, and ducklings only go to 9 months. Then when you search for older kid pj's, they're all two pieces, made out of polyester, and have movie characters on them. Or so I thought...I guess you just have to dig a little deeper to find a good pay-off! These renewed my excitement for cool pj's all over again and made me feel like it's okay for Hank to get older (cuz, after all, it's inevitable!).
This one's a bit blurry, but only because he was about to take off flying-hehe

A built-in cape?!!! What could be better?!
The red feet crack me up :)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Keepin' it Classy

I think everyone has a few of these pictures...I will say, this was taken on grandma's watch-hahaha...the recycling can be so much fun! As his Auntie Katie pointed out, "It IS the champagne of beers!" Only the best for our 11 month old! Then there's the video, and well, B and I take full responsibility. He just kept chugging his water and it was cracking us up!


Hank in the Box

As I mentioned...the new car seat box is the coolest thing. Hank has already discovered the joy of homemade forts from big boxes. Each day there are new things in the box, and it's even been a garage for his walker. You can tell from the various faces...it's all pretty exciting! Teething tablets anyone?

Lucy sees what it's all about...

Another box?! What luck!
Climbing in and out was the best!
Finding a parking spot for his ride: