Sunday, August 30, 2009

11 months for him...5 years for us!

On the same day Hank turned 11 months, B and I celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary (almost 12 years of being together!). We left Hank with his Auntie Dev (Megan) and had a wonderful dinner at the Dahlia Lounge in Seattle. So nice! Just a few other cute shots of our little guy:

Hank's new thing is spinning aroud using his was the most fun on Auntie Dev and Uncle Asher's floor. This was the best shot I could get of it, but there were times where he do two circles in a row, pretty fast too - goofy little guy!

11 Months Old...all dressed up and nowhere to go!

It all started back before Hank was even born...Tutu surprised us with a three piece tuxedo for our future little boy. It was hilarious looking and we couldn't wait to put it on him! Jump forward 11 months! It was August 28th and I always like to take his "birthday" picture in something he hasn't worn before. As I dug in the closet...there it was! I started to get scared that it wouldn't fit, but low and behold, it did...let the torture begin!
11 months old, and so very dapper!

Being a music teacher, I had to get him dressed in his finest by the piano, as if he was giving us his first concert. I imagine that one day, we'll be reflecting back (sitting in the mansion he bought us) about how he was putting on performances in tuxedos way back at 11 months, a la Tiger Woods and his golf clubs. Hahaha - we can dream! No pressure, Hank :) If nothing else, it cracked us up the whole day thinking about it.

His first repetoire...
Enjoy his first piano performance...

Sunday, August 16, 2009


Just had to prove that our cat still exists...poor kitty!

Get ready for picture mania!

Playing in the yard in Endicott...yes, he's wearing those goofy "Baby Legs"...ya got somethin' to say about it?! hehe
Sitting in the rocking chair that is on its third generation (from Dr. Hardy's least I think that's the story):
At the carousel in Spokane. Little did they know how stinkin' fast it was going to go. Everyone was a little sick was NOT like the one in Disneyland.
Hank and his Cousin Josie. He's so excited to be around her and does all he can to keep up with her:
Josie had this hilarious habit of petting Hank's head:
Hank makes contact from "prison":
Riding in the bobsled (or laundry basket):
Come on...babies and puppies...please tell me you're going, "AWWWWW...":
Cousins Macoy and Maverick celebrating the 4th of July (and Mac's FIFTH birthday...HIGH FIVE, MAC!!!):
Baby switch! Hank and his cousin Kiefer:
Fireworks with Aunt Ness, Uncle Thomas, and Dad:
Naked baby time in Endicott...100+ degree weather just calls for that, and when you're that young, you can get away with it!
My little cherub:
Discovering how wonderful watermelon is:
One of the peaceful moments during a LONG car ride home from Endicott. One baby on a five hour car ride is tricky - two, well, that's just not recommended for the faint of heart. Unless, of course, you really just love listening to Raffi for hours on end.
Riding a tractor at the park:
Picture time with Cousin Josie!
And with Grandma:
Swimming with Madeline (escaping the heat!):
The blow-up has a horn that makes him smile everytime!
With Tutu at one of our favorite restaurants, Elliot Bay Brewery:
Giving me and Hedgie a love:

With Grandma and Grandpa:
Hanging with Tutu at Godmom Heidi's birthday party:
I believe this kid is getting enough love (and we must get one of those trikes!):
Looking at a balloon in awe:
Then the balloon got loose and floated up to the ceiling:

For about 20 minutes, Hank just kept looking up there at the balloon, making us feel good and pathetic for letting it float away. Sweet Madeline was able to move on a bit easier-hehe.
Cooling off with Grandpa:

Reading a story with Grandma:Eating my hair...a habit that is becoming harder and harder to break. The things that seem so cute at first, quickly become not-so-cute!
Ahhh, this smile kills me. We were putting our feet in the kiddie pool when Hank just decided to sit down and start playing in the water:
Mr. Cool...I'll have to post some better pictures of this outfit, because it's just hilarious. He either looks like an old man about to hit the greens, or like an 80's preppy boy. Either way, I love this outfit (even if the pants are cinched about two inches at the waist...he was GOING to wear it this summer no matter what...and it's a size 6-9 month...grow Hank, grow!!):