Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Last Day in Portland

On our last day in Portland, we got to spend lots of time with Tutu and Grandpa Ewing. We made Tutu's stepping stone for her garden (a belated Mother's Day gift), but had minimal success. Even with a concrete expert in the bunch, we couldn't get it to the right consistency to have much success with putting Hank's handprint into it! Our first attempt was the best, but we decided to try it over and little Hank learned that it was much more fun to grab the concrete than just get your hand pushed into it. Oh well, it's part of the memory! :)

What a dork-hehe

Hank all the sudden started doing fish-lips before we left. Too funny! It hasn't happened since! cream on a hot day! If there's one way to get us to stay longer, an ice cream cone will do it!

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Louisasmom said...

Ok, that picture of him with his little tongue out is ridiculously cute!! Love it. It looks like you guys had some great quality time with the Ewing clan!