Sunday, August 16, 2009

10 overdue!

Man, am I bad at blogging this summer. Too much going on!! My friend's daughter just turned 11 months and it was a good reminder that, if I don't get on it, Hank will be 11 months before I even post his 10 month pictures. he is (was) on July 28th - month 10 of the little guys life and in the middle of a heat wave...whew, was it hot!
A little about his 10th month: He's very into giving anything soft a "lovey"...his favorites are a hedgehog (downstairs), a pony (in his bed), and a bunny (in the carseat). But really, sometimes he'll snuggle anything/anyone - which we all love! He loves to point at planes - even when he can only hear them, he'll still point to the sky. He loves to hear my violin and the piano (he does this goofy smile with a nose sniff). He loves to be chased and will crawl at warp speeds to get away, all the while squeeling with delight. He claps (, for awhile I thought the wave was going to be his only "trick" - hehe). When we do, "Happy Face...Sad Face", he'll copy. And well...we're just loving him and everything little thing he does. We have thousands of pictures to prove it. :) Giving his horse a "lovey"...

He's even gained a pound! Woohoo...the bacon, sausage, and butter-on-everything diet seems to be working...gee, who would have guessed that a diet like that would make you gain weight?! hehe

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