Thursday, August 19, 2010

Gardens Full of Strawberries!

Hank has had the best time this summer picking strawberries straight out of the garden. Lucky him, his Tutu and Papa Andy had a garden full of them early this summer, and late in summer, he got to munch them out of the yard in Endicott with Grandma and Papa Tom. Such a fun thing to go out each day and see what new strawberries are ready for picking...yum! And apparently, he does his best strawberry picking in Disney shirts-hehe...

This first picture is at Tutu and Papa Andy's...this is where he actually LEARNED how to say "Da-Berry" for the first time. The garden was full of strawberries, so all weekend he got to go out and chomp away.
This was just this past week in Endicott. There were a few strawberries for him to pick each day and he was thrilled (the squeezed closed eyes are his "smile" for the camera)...and he's gotten even better at saying, "Straw-berry" too :)

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