Friday, September 10, 2010

He Sleeps Great in His New Bed!

Here is Hank napping in his new bed. Hehe...nothing like a lack of oxygen to help you sleep better :)
A few disclaimers: NO, we didn't put the pillow over his head (he did it himself...and oddly enough, I find Bret sleeping like this a lot!), and YES, he had a good flow of air out one side (I swear!).
**Okay - anyone remember the "Heaven's Gate" cult? I totally think of the pictures from that when I see this...kinda twisted-hehe. What can I say, it does!

1 comment:

Love + Marriage said...

I couldn't imagine sleeping that way - clausterphobia anyone!
He must have been full of pizza, candy and cookies and it just conked him out!