Thursday, October 29, 2009

Haircuts are Fun!

The pictures pretty much speak for themselves. Hank started the day very happy, then we had to go and get his hair cut! The woman had obviously done this many times, because the crying didn't bother her a bit and she just kept on hacking away (there were some repairs that had to be made the next day). We had to stop her when she said she'd clean his neck and the sides with clippers...CLIPPERS? He's ONE, there's no need for clippers. Watch the'll see why we stopped where we did (and you'll hear how supportive Bret was of the process)!
Poor guy - in the end, he looked quite handsome and now we look back at his pictures right before and giggle about how long his hair looked.
This scene happened within one minute of sitting in the VERY COOL fire truck...yeah, he saw through THAT right away. Not even a bucket-o-toys could help.
I guess it's hard to blame someone for a bad haircut when his hands pushed hers away every time she got close.
Oh yeah, real big tears...
This was a shot of the new haircut, taken just before he started to cry again-hehe. Was it the humiliation of wearing a zebra cape that got to him? Who knows...
And the video to document what a mean mom I am...

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