Sunday, October 4, 2009

One Year Pictures!

Here are some of the keepers from Hank's one year photo shoot and also, the debut of his new shorter haircut (more on that to ready to see one sad, sad baby). He started by being a little concerned by the new surroundings and was mesmerized by the lights, but he warmed up with a little peek-a-boo, and we were really happy with what we got! Now to find more wall space...
Our little guy in blue...

And one cheeseball family this time, Hank was pretty much done and I was sweaty from trying all I could to get him to smile and laugh!

1 comment:

Love + Marriage said...

Some comments from my "grouchy" accountant lady at work...
"oh my word!"
"he's just gorgeous"
"that's a ladykiller right there"
"the sweetest think ever made"

And then, true to form she brought it back down to earth with...

"I hate to think what the world will look like when he's my age"

To which I said, "what? 80?"

Then she strangled me.

(This really happened).