Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Christmas Eve at the Loctor's...Part 1

Hank's Auntie Dev (aka Auntie May May, aka Auntie Megan) and Uncle Asher hosted Christmas Eve this year. There were, as always, too many presents. But, with two little ones there, there were even MORE than usual (and it was even more fun than usual!). The tree was awesome and the kids were way into the mound of presents. This is all Christmas Eve...there's still Santa, Portland with Tutu and Grandpa Ewing, and GG Rud still to come. I think this is all Hank is going to give me tonight, though...so stay tuned (Aunt Raelene, that means you!)! Hugging the presents!

"Look, Josie!"

Loving life :)

Uncle Asher had to check that none of the presents were breakable, because Hank was all over them.

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