Sunday, February 7, 2010

Christmas in Portland...a little late!

A few days after Christmas, we headed to Portland to celebrate with our family and friends down there. Hank definitely got the hang of opening presents - he was in heaven just surrounded by a bunch of paper (check out the video). Not to mention, more people loving him up! Tutu showing Hank his new warm hat!

Aunt Katie and Uncle Michael came over and brought...whadayaknow...more presents!

Okay, now remember how I said Hank has an issue with group he is at his Great Grandma Mac's house with all his second-cousins on the Ewing side. Notice how many kids are piled in there, notice how there are plenty of kids around his age and they're all doing pretty good. Then, find little Hank. Full on SCREAM within .2 seconds of putting him near the group. I even kept him turned around and facing me until the last minute. Ah, Hank!
One of our favorite things to do in Portland is hang out with Cameron and Michelia. We hit the food carts on Mississippi and Hank had the best time running all over. He loves to sit on steps and kick his feet, so Cam joined him. Too cute :)
The boys...
This was about the fifth attempt at a picture of everyone. In every other picture he'd be hanging out, and as soon as I pulled up the camera, he'd turn and run! But, there was a little progress...NO TEARS! Michelia is headed off to Turkey for the next few months (well, more like 8 months!). We'll miss her and send her our best wishes!!!

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