Wednesday, February 10, 2010


After Hank's first haircut when he turned 1 year old (traumatic, expensive, and not so good), we decided that we could do it ourselves...well, we decided Grandma could do it. I was NOT up to the task. We strapped on a bib, put on Elmo, and handed him a popsicle. It went pretty well, but he has tricky hair - straight and fine. And, it didn't help that he was moving all over the place!

We trimmed it up and it worked for awhile, but it seemed to grow so quickly! So today (2/10) when Grandma and Hank came out to my work to see me, we decided to try a salon again. It worked out well - but I think Grandma is probably at home sleeping now after entertaining the little guy to the max! His haircut consisted of: a Thomas the Tank Engine chair, a sucker, a Barney video, Grandma dancing, one of the ladies pretending to chase Grandma around, an Elmo stuffed animal, squeezing my hand, and a very swift haircutter! He made it without any major breakdowns - a few tears here and there, but never any meltdowns. Take a look at this cutie (and the video of how sweet he was afterwards!). He can see again...and he has eyebrows (very light ones, but they're there!)


Anonymous said...

How adorable. Love the haircut and the crazy lady entertaining him.
Aunt Raelene

Love + Marriage said...

I'm a fan of the long hair but after those haircuts he looks like such a little man. Cute as a button!