Thursday, September 24, 2009

And so it begins...

Last week, Hank and I were hanging out with Auntie Nessa at Grandma and Grandpa's house when all the sudden, Hank stepped away from the ottoman he was playing against and just stood there. She and I were silently going crazy...frozen because we didn't want him to stop and at the same time, wanting to grab a camera by any means possible. That's where it started and it's gotten better ever since. He's starting to take little steps now and hesitates a bit before lowering himself down to crawl. You can see his brain putting it all together - I love it!

Then, earlier this week, I got home from work and Grandma was eating a piece of toast and Hank put his hand out to ask for some. All the sudden, he let go of the coffee table and, in his best Frankenstein interpretation, started walking over to her! Four steps before he went to a crawl...WOOHOO! And I got to see it! One fear when I went back to work was thinking that I'd miss those big milestones, but nope, I was there...YES!!!

Here's a picture of the little guy during one of his standing attempts! Maybe someday soon we'll get a walking video to post :)

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