Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Biggest Car Seat Ever...

There was a day when I thought Hank's bucket and base were big...then we entered the world of convertible car seats and oh, lord...big doesn't begin to cover it (nor does expensive!). When the UPS guy dropped it off, he said, "Just wait, next it will be a $400.00 bed...I have a two year old, I know!" But we can rest assured that Hank is riding around town in the safest thing out there...and really, I think it looks pretty comfy, kind of getting to sit in a Barcalounger while you ride around town. Still working on convincing him of that...the kid has never liked the car - ugh!

When the new car seat came, Hank all of the sudden became very clingy with his old bucket and base. Who knew?! Here are the pictures from that...I'll have to post some of the giant car seat later (at least big car seats come with big boxes...he LOVES the box. His cousin Big Boy would be proud).

Get me out of this thing!

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