Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Guy Time!

Hank is a big fan of guys and stuff guys do...drive cars, play sports, mow the lawn, etc. In the car, I regularly drive while answering questions about where every "guy" is that Hank has every met. "Where's Dad? Where's the Guy (Josiah)? Where's Tom? Where's Mike? Where's Andy? Where's Dad? Where's Mike?" etc. After a long drive and answering, "He's at work, he's probably at work too, he's in Portland, he's at work, he's..." I wanna SCREAM! So, here are pictures of Hank and some of the guys he regularly talks about! Can't wait for the "Why?" stage...
Josiah is "The Guy" that started all "The Guy" stuff. This was before Hank was saying names other than Dada and Papa...so everytime Josiah would enter the room, he'd exclaim, "The guy!" And when Josiah would leave the room, he'd quickly say, "Where'd the Guy go?" Hank in sport-heaven!

Hank with Papa Andy:
Father's Day in Portland:
Hank and his Dada:
Hank doing "guy" stuff with Papa Andy, Mike, and Dada (setting mole traps...how manly):
Shootin' hoops:
At the arcade with Dada and Papa Tom. Papa Tom was the first to be called by name...one day, it just came out..."TOM!" and it's been non-stop ever since. Sometimes I'll drive from Papa Tom's house (AND Grandma's...but we women are just chopped liver in Hank's man-world) back to our house, all of three miles, and answer the question, "Where's Tom? Where's Papa Tom?" about 1,000 times.
Shopping at Target with Dada...because men shop too!The shelves that Dada and Papa Tom built in the garage...it was a truly wonderful day for Hank to get to watch all that action. Now, everytime we pull in the garage, he points to the shelves and says, "Papa Tom!"Hank in awe at the shelf-building!
The little guy surrounded by all his sporty things!

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Anonymous said...

Sweet, I made the Hank Cameron Blogspot!! So great to meet the little "guy". Looking forward to may good times for years to come.

Lots of love,

The Guy