Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A ton of Gemini's means lots of cake and ice cream...

Hank has officially learned that birthdays are a very good thing...they mean cake and ice cream - yum! This is our May/June:
May 24 - Auntie Katie
June 1 - Me
June 9 - Auntie Megan and GG (Great-Grandma Winnie)
June 16 - Papa Tom
June 19 - Tutu (Grandma Connie)
and even though she's a Cancer, it still counts because it's so close...
July 2 - Grandma Rhonda
Not sure if you can see it...but even though Auntie Katie's cake hasn't been cut into yet, Hank already has frosting on his face. Eating the frosting off the candle...he was supposed to be smiling for the camera (like his mom and dad), but instead, he was grabbing that candle! He knew our defenses were down!
Auntie Megan's ice cream cake:
Grandpa's ice cream sundae. Notice how his face has had to contort just to get that big ol' spoon in his mouth...this was the start of a big mess!
I love this video...I'm not sure if you'll be able to hear it, but there are quite a few, "Mmms" and "Yummms" as he's dipping away.

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