Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Hank and His Dad

Bret is such a good dad. He's goofy and loving with little Hank and can get him howling with laughter by chomping on his belly or dancing with him. It's real sweet to see and makes my heart swoon everytime. Here are some pictures of our little guy with his dad.At the supermarket, Bret had Hank in the Baby Bjorn. An old man stopped him and said, "Shouldn't the mom be the one carrying the baby?" Oh, how times have changed. How much have I always loved a man with a baby in a Baby I have one of my own!

I just love this picture soooo much (below). It's just the sweetest thing - what handsome boys!


Love + Marriage said...

Dad Bret is my favorite Bret. And there are some good Brets....Scottish Bret, Dance Party Bret, Sneakerhead Bret, Blazer Bret, Pepperoni Pizza Bret, Halloween Costume Bret, etc....

But Dad Bret is the best Bret of all. Hank is so lucky.

Don'tcha know Hank's gonna grow up and be just as cool. The kids'll say, "Hank's got steez for deeez"...or whatevs.

JosieBeanLily said...

All the kids are going to say, "Where did you get your kicks?" cause that dad knows his shoes.

Or, maybe they will say, "Where did you get those fab Tom Cruz sun glasses?" :-))