Tuesday, April 21, 2009


A few weeks back, we went back down to Portland. It had been way too long since we had seen everyone, and Hank was a real trooper. He did well in the car (phew!) and then did great entertaining while we were there. He got to see both great-grandmas (BOTH! Yes, he has TWO!), and a lot of family and close friends...and even a cat named Ralphie!

Notice how he's grabbing for Ralphie in EVERY picture-hehe
Yes, there was pie...strawberry rhubarb to be exact...THANK YOU, G.G. (WINNIE)!
Hank and his Tutu (Grandma...in Hawaiian!):
Winnie found this great hat in Great-Grandpa Bill's things...it made everyone laugh the whole trip! Not the best shot of Hank, but really, it was so goofy to see that hat on his Grandpa, totally worth it-hehe
Great-Grandma Mac was a wonderful hostess (as usual). It's that Southern Hospitality! We ended our visit with "Game Night" at Aunt Anne and Uncle Wink's house...they gave him the CUTEST outfit...stay tuned for pictures of the little guy in those (he has a bit more growing to do, but he'll be ready to rock those madras pants in no time!).
Hank was so good...we let him drive home-hehe

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senorgpandgrammie said...

What a blessed little boy to have the huge fan base!!!! Get used to driving the I-5 but slow down, Daddy can tell you where all the cops hang out for speeders! The tickets might be a bit more spendy now than they were 10 years ago!!!