Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Kelsey Creek Park

We had a wonderful day at Kelsey Creek Park this past Sunday. Heidi and I had been meaning to get our families together for A LONG time, and it finally happened! The kiddos (and parents) got to hang out and see the animals, and we all had a really nice picnic lunch (too bad for the weird tasting "Whole Foods" mayo on our sandwiches-it may be fancy, but it wasn't good-hehe)! The coolest thing is that the big girl influence of Louisa (18 months) seemed to make Hank (6 months) want to talk! He's been a talking machine ever since..."Dadda dadda dad dadda" Way to go, Louisa!
I was emailing Heidi pictures and couldn't help but get choked up looking at the one below...she and I have done so much together (college, music ed, teaching, moving, weddings, trips) and to see us now with our babies is just so amazing!

Louisa was so sweet to Hank. She kept bringing him "flowers" and Hank loved every minute of it. He's so in awe of things that are small like him...especially when they let him touch them (the cat may be small like him, but she'll have NONE of that!).

Hank and his pops!
And the dads...

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senorgpandgrammie said...

This is a precious friendship...those two little ones are so lucky to have parents who make time for friends :) They're just ADORABLE!!!!