Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Crazy Outfit Alert!

When B is home to dress Hank on the weekends, I always know that he'll either come out looking adorable or crazy. On this occassion, I was finishing getting ready and I walked into Hank's room saying, "What is it today, cute or crazy?" and Bret laughed and said, "CRAZY!" There were a few outfits strewn around the room (they were much worse than this one!), but this is the one he ended up in. Grandma H, B, and I thought it was pretty cute...Uncle Asher compared him to a Fraggle :)

Baby Legs are the silliest, but most fun!

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Love + Marriage said...

Asher always tells me he has a photographic memory and I believe him because of moments like this. He said Hank looked like a Fraggle but seeing him next to this picture, HE IS SO RIGHT! LOL! I love it!