Friday, May 29, 2009

The Happiest Place on Earth...

Back in January, when I was supposed to be going back to work, my long-term sub asked if I would be able to take my students to Disneyland. At the time I thought, "Of course! Hank will be so old by then, and he'll be sleeping through the night, and it will be nothin'!" Well, live and learn.

It was such a difficult process - in the weeks leading up to Disney, I had to go in and conduct and was basically working, but with no child care and no pay (just for the love of it all - do I win a prize?). Hank was not too happy about being with someone else during the class and proceeded to cry for the whole hour that I taught, while my poor sub tried to distract, entertain, and field all the dozens of people who thought THEY could make him happy (nope, just mom could do that!).

Needless to say, I ended up conducting my class with him in the Baby Bjorn. A true sight to see and I only wish I had a picture. The kids thought it was hilarious and would play peek-a-boo while I tried to work with them, Hank thought it was great because he was connected to me and had the attention of a whole class of kids, and I...well, I had a backache.

I do think all the exposure was good for Hank...for awhile he was sticking his arm out in a fist (think "Olympics 1968")...rather than Black Power, we thought he was trying to conduct. It might just have been the early stages of a wave...but we won't discount the time he spent watching me conduct, and I will still hope he'll become a famous musician or conductor because of it! hehe

During the trip, Hank: had his first airplane ride (never cried-woohoo!), visited Disney for the first time (loved "Small World), got his first tooth, and learned to wave. Not bad for a three day weekend.

We also got to see Uncle Thomas, Aunt Ness, and Cousin Josie while we were in Disneyland (another bonus of going). A VERY, VERY big "Thanks!" to Grandma Hardy and dad (of course!) for going with me on the trip and taking time to help me out - even when it would have been more fun to be partying it up with the Long Beach Hardy Fam!

Bring on the pictures. (Note: I was working a lot, so I don't have many, but we'll all have to hit up Josie's blog once she gets pictures up)
Watch out for your hair! (Grandpa Hardy said he has had his share of hair tugging while flying...)Grandma Hardy worked wonders to keep little Hank happy during the flights. What a blessing (cuz this kid doesn't sleep!).

Dinner together on the first night. Hank shared his prunes with Cousin Josie - how nice :)

This picture cracks me up...I had one where the kids didn't look so crazy, but their eyes look INSANE in this one! What goofballs :)
Mornings were the best...they'd wake up early and smile at each other, roll around, and try to poke each other's eyes out (with some hair pulling on Hank's part...ahh, good habits).
Diaper time!
Do you think she was happy?
"Small World"
Neither of the kids could take their eyes off the characters. They were soooo into it!
When B, T, and V went on Splash Mountain, we sat outside and watched the ride. Everytime people came down the "waterfall", they'd scream and Josie would do this hilarious face. A woman next to us kept watching her and cracking up. That Josie gets 'em all laughing!

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Love + Marriage said...

That first pic is a bit like "poltergeist". But how cute are those little cousins? They couldn't look more different but they are both such happy little kiddos.