Monday, May 11, 2009

We Love Parks

If there's one thing that living in the NW makes you appreciate, it's a nice day! In Seattle, we're also lucky to have beautiful parks lining the multiple lakes in the area. So as soon as there's a tiny glimmer of sun, we're outside!

The first picture was taken at Seward was a bit of a "Three Hour Tour" (sung to the tune of "Gilligan's Island"). B, Dev, Hank, and I decided that we needed to take a stroll before dinner one evening. We started out on the trail and every so often said, "Should we turn back?" But we kept walking, and kept walking...until finally, we were too far along to go back. Lucky us, we got to walk the majority of the time in the wind and shade (yes, I'm being sarcastic). Further down the path, we all got kinda pumped that we were out exercising and we were applauding ourselves for getting out there...a 1/2 hour later, with the end in sight...and still very far away...we started to drag, whine, and curse ourselves for not knowing what we were getting into! 2.5 miles later (Hank still strapped in the Bjorn) and we made it back to the car. The barbeque we ate after never tasted so good! Now we know how long the walk is, we know to wear better shoes (Bret: "Well, now I know these shoes aren't as comfortable as I thought!"), and we'll bring the stroller next time! But we got exercise, dammit! These next pictures are at Coulon Park...just 3 miles from home and down the driveway from Grandma and Grandpa Hardy's place. We love it! I meet here to walk with some moms usually about once a week, and Bret and I hit it often as well. You'll notice Hank's new sun hat. I've come to accept that my boy will not be able to bake in the sun (as I LOVE to do)...that Norwegian white skin just won't allow it! So he's all covered up. Everytime he wears this hat it makes us laugh...we can't stop saying, "G'day Mate!" I bought it because it has little cute skeletons all over it and I thought it would look cool...nope, still dorky-hehe. But at least he won't get a sunburn!
There is nothing cuter than a mommy and daddy duck with all their ducklings...especially when your own little baby is looking on (and talking to them as they passed...melt my heart). This is the same family from the "Mother's Day" post!
We've tried the swings before and he's OK with them...not overjoyed. We'll give it time :) Told ya the hat is dorky!

Slide time! Grandma Hardy first took Hank down the slide on her lap, but then he was ready to go at it alone (well, not quite alone...Grandma is standing close'll see in the video!).


Love + Marriage said...

Next time we bring the bike stroller to Seward! Then we can ride really fast through the windy, chilly parts and crash land in the grass and sun.

Louisasmom said...

The slide video is precious! I love your walking odyssey story. Food tastes soooo good after a long chilly walk. I can't believe you did it with a Bjorn. Ooooh, my back just thinking about it!!