Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there! Just over 7 months ago, I got to join the club and it's made me so happy. Until I had Hank, I never realized the extent of how much you could love your child. Now, I get it...
I watch every episode of "Baby Story" on TLC and even before I had Hank, I would watch them deliver their babies and get weepy. It just seems like the universe is rocked in that moment - when you become a mom. Below is that moment I had with Hank. It was the most perfect moment - ever. My favorite memory is how they put him on my belly right after and I kept trying to pull him closer and closer to me...they kept saying, "Hold on! He's still connected!" hehe. It was a, "Give me my baby!" moment.
Mom's are the best, and being a mom is the best - love you guys!

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Love + Marriage said...

Oh, Dev. You are such a good mom to baby Hank. I know at times it is hard but you never let it show and I know it is because when that little boy looks at you, or reaches for you, you melt (it happens to each and every one of us too).
I hope I'm as good at being a mom someday.