Friday, March 27, 2009

New High Chair

Hank started to eat solid foods at the very beginning of his fifth month (part of the plan to get him poopin'!). We started by feeding him in his bouncer, then the bumbo, and finally, with his new ability to sit up, it was time to get a high chair. We researched and looked for the best one for our little guy...there was a really fancy one that looks like a barber's chair, but the reviews said they seemed to squish their sons private that was OUT! Then there was the old fashioned one that Grandma Hardy had from when she was little, but it had rusty parts that we still hadn't fixed up and lacked in the that was OUT! Then, we found the ZEN collection from Fisher Price. SOOOO GIMICKY! They try to say it brings calm to your baby, that they'll feel inner piece from the tranquil colors, and dark wood accents. It could only be found online and isn't even available in OR or's all just HOGWASH...but we bought it anyway-hahaha-SUCKERS!
And here it is! Don't you just feel at peace looking at it? hahaha Here's video from his first time sitting in it!

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Love + Marriage said...

Ooooh, it does look nice. It def looks better (smaller) with a big baby E in it.