Friday, March 27, 2009

Meeting Big Boy...the most patient cat in the world

At the beginning of March, Hank met Biggie and it was love at first sight. Big Boy let him pull on his fur and do all the things that our cat won't allow him to do! It was also the first time Hank was photographed sitting all on his own...
Now that's a big kitty!
"I'll love you, and squeeze you, and hold you, FOREVER!"
We meet again!

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Love + Marriage said...

I totally have more of these pictures! When I look through them fast - like a flipbook - it shows Hank sitting up and then falling face first into Biggie's fur!
Also, the ones of Hank riding Biggie like a horse are priceless. I will forward to you for posting.
Biggie misses Hank, he walks around moping every day. I give him bonito to calm the withdrawal.