Friday, March 27, 2009

4th Month in a Nutshell

Here are a few pictures from my fourth I'm almost six months old!
Wow...time for mom to get updating!
Keep your eye out for posts with me on my horse...I'm trying to get one for every month (oops, there won't be any for months 2 and 3):At the doctor...where they told me I'm too skinny and need help poopin'...then gave me a bunch of shots. Doesn't that just stink! You can tell this is at the BEGINNING of the appointment!
And here's me after with my "war wounds":
Here I am at Geraldine's's right before I started sitting up, so I just rolled all over the table and attacked whatever I could find!Valentine's Day!

I love the bath!
At Pike Place Market at Uncle Asher's booth and with Dad at the Pig:

My hats!

"Mr. T" from Auntie Ness, Uncle Thomas, and Cousin Josie:
Learning to stand up in my pack and play:
With my blankie and thumb while shopping at Target:Ready to ship!


Love + Marriage said...

YEAH! Hank-E has a working blog!You have to catch everyone up on the last 6 months and then post smaller bunches and bigger pictures.
That's my two cents.
Otherwise I'm totally excited to see the updates even though I am lucky enought to get at least one visit a week.

JosieBeanLily said...

Thanks for the update. LOVE the blog....ohh, I am going to be addicted and check it ALL the time.