Friday, March 27, 2009

Friends and Family

We love when Hank gets to spend time with friends and family...

At Hank's Baptism (from Left to Right): Dad, Grandma H, Mom and Hank, Grandpa H, Great-Grandma Winnie, Grandpa E, Grandma E, and Aunt Linda
With his Tutu (Grandma Ewing) and GG (Great-Grandma Winnie) Hank and Grandma Hardy on Valentine's Day Auntie Megan and Uncle Asher

Godmother Heidi (not a "fairy godmother", but still really nice!)
Reading with Grandpa Hardy and Grandma Hardy
The moms and babies at group
Auntie Katie and Uncle Michael

1 comment:

Love + Marriage said...

Hey HC! I love when you smile at me and make laughing noises when I make silly faces at you.
It makes my whole day!
I plan to chew on your side and make you giggle so beware next time I see you!