Sunday, March 29, 2009

St. Patrick's Day!

On St. Patrick's Day, the big news was that I (Mollie), actually cooked! Bret was amazed :)
We had corned beef with cabbage, potatoes, carrots, and green beer, of course! Fun, Fun! And just like Hank's shirt says, he's just a "wee bit" Irish.


JosieBeanLily said...

Dinner looks so good! Why wasn't I invited? I like beer too?
I think I just might pinch you really hard...I don't care if you're wearing green...J/K! I'm such a dork!

Love + Marriage said...

Hey we weren't invited either! And I think Dad is drinking Asher's Guinness, how rude.
(Side note: corned beef is disgusting, I had a roomate that cooked it and our house smelled for days. The horror. Thank you for not inviting us).

Love + Marriage said...

Okay, I came back because I went and looked at these pictures again and it sorta looks like someone is holding a gun up at you and forcing you to look Irish. Were there some IRA guys there or something?
PS. The Hank pics look more normal (pic#1, 2). Otherwise...